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Prac Report – Investigating Parachutes Experiment

Aim: To evaluate how the size of a parachute t's surface area affects the parachute's speed, acceleration and time of air travel. Hypothesis: A parachute using a larger surface area would land slower as a result of that simple fact there would be higher level of00 of drag, or in other words more atmosphere resistance. Elements:

* Strong garbage luggage

* Metric ruler

2. Scissors

2. Washers

5. Twist connections

* Light-weight string

5. Stopwatch


1 . Gather every equipment necessary for this try things out

2 . By an opened garbage bag, a series of square parachutes of numerous sizes was made. The surface area of the parachutes was 100cm2, 400cm2, 900cm2 and 1600cm2, from large to small. Every parachute was square fit, so the four sides were the same size. The edge duration and area of each different parachute was recorded. 4 were created. The parachute did not go beyond a aspect length of sixty cm. a few. each of the several differently size parachutes were cut in the garbage tote material together a knot tied in each of the several corners in the square. The knots had been used to point the chain. Four pieces of 40 cm string had been cut out for each parachute. The finish of each bit of string was tied about one of the several knots, placement the string right over a knot. some. The hub of the plastic sheet occured in one hands and all strings were taken with the additional to collect them. The free end in the strings was then tied together with a great overhand knot. Some cleaners were attached with the package of strings with a angle tie. Every single parachute required the same range of washers attached, or too many independent variables were being improved. A stop watch and the parachutes were brought to a safe, excessive surface, for least 2m above the floor. 5. A scientific way to obtain the average time it takes each parachute to fall towards the ground was thought of. Merely one independent adjustable was altered, the surface area, everything else needed to be kept...