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Name: AlarmPress: TEXT MESSAGE Broadcast System

Author: Bryan Adams Layosa


In this century of computer technology, many companies rely on quickly delivery details using latest technologies that could allow them to be more productive and efficient. There are plenty of ways in sending emails nowadays and that is by using E-mail services or perhaps by using Portable Technologies.

Like in school, Bulletin Planks or sometimes word of mouth are definitely the method use in delivering a note to the scholar and faculty nevertheless sometimes students or others does not received the text messages because they don't see the bulletin table often or the information is very failed in reaching them.

Sending details in a wide range of people using E-mail takes a lot of work and sometimes the data that needs vital response would not always received. The culprit of the is because folks are not always able to check their very own E-mail.

Alternatively, mobile technology is one of the most effective ways in mailing and receiving emails as fast as possible. Mainly because almost all people in the world has their very own cellular phone and so they usually have all of them always. The delivery from the messages making use of this medium is far more ideal and efficient in sending text messages in massive amount people.

Universal SMS Broadcast System is something that can send mobile text messages in great quantity of people utilizing a GSM device or using an SMPP Protocol. Widespread SMS Broadcast System should help large scale organization to provide their text messages to their customers, students and also other persons require in the organization in fast and successful way. Named beneficiary

1 . Large Scale to Small-scale organization

installment payments on your Schools and Universities


1 . To help a school and large scale business for informing large quantity of people in more useful and quicker way. 2 . To help the staffs and professors to notify their particular students about class cancelling and other situations that need to be deliver urgently. a few....