The Beggar

 The Beggar Essay

The Guttersnipe Our car stopped in the intersection and waited intended for the green mild. My boyfriend and I were very excited with the beautiful Friday evening. The wind was blowing on my face. My body was moving with the appears of piles and clarions from the radio's music. From the window, We stared in the strange people that were walking down the street collecting donations. A woman came approximately our car and which has a smile on her face, softly said, " Please! Might you mind providing us some money so that we could have enough food for the animals inside our zoo? " I did not respond instantly because I was remembering a great incident that happened couple of years ago in Viet Nam.

The scenery of the Beginning of the year days was so wonderful. Birds flapped their wings, twittering inside the green woods, and people proceeded to go in flocks to watch the exciting display from the regatta. My friends and I had been talking in front of my house while you're watching people passing.

" Appear, girl! Do you really see him? The man at the corner is definitely your dad, isn't he? You look like him" В¦ha" В¦ha" В¦ha, " my good friend, Tom, was laughing by me.

My own face turned red. We said, " What's wrong with you, people? Don't laugh like that" В¦please. " I was really embarrassed and mad. I knew they were continue to teasing myself and supposing an wrong relationship between him--the beggar--and me. But I didn't care much about what my friends said; my thoughts was now pointed to that beggar.

Arsenic intoxication the old gentleman sitting with arms clasping his knees broke the noisy ambiance. I failed to know his real name, where he originated from, or who have his family was, neither did any person in my little town. He was a very mystical man. Every now and then, some spoiled children found him; they will threw crushed stone at him, yelling, " Beggar man" В¦beggar man" В¦. " From that period, " Beggar" became his name.

*He appeared so unlike everyone else. Quickly, at the first glance, any individual could acknowledge he was an unhealthy beggar. Guttersnipe wore a threadbare, faded brown t-shirt. Especially, although he was sitting down, his back again was twisted...