The Diversity of Heroes

 The Range of Characters Essay

The Diversity of Heroes

Natalie K. Oliver

" Heroes are made by paths they choose, not the power they are graced with, ” (unknown) Brodi Ashton sensibly stated, which usually cannot be truer. We all include a picture that comes to mind once we think of heroes. Though these pictures fluctuate immensely, they all have basic but significant qualities that truly make them a main character. They are brave, and fully stand up for those who are made their victim. They keep attempting even when occasions get challenging; they overcome their road blocks and employ them intended for positive uses. A leading man isn't usually a strong guy who prevents oncoming trains or rescues young maidens, sometimes they are merely a being attentive ear or maybe a comforting good friend.

Heroes endorse for those who are marginalized or disadvantaged. Abraham Lincoln, often referred to as the truly amazing Emancipator, is well know for leading the City War and issuing the Emancipation Aveu which initiated the end of slavery in the us. Lincoln worked well alongside Frederick Douglass in the fight against slavery. " Those who deny freedom to others deserve it does not for themselves; and, under a simply God, can not long maintain it, ” ( Abraham Lincoln bravely spoke his mind and was assassinated for it in 1865 by John Wilkes Booth. In this opposition of slavery, furthermore to voicing his meaningful beliefs, Director Lincoln shed his your life. By speaking his mind and restricting his lifestyle, he made a great immense impact on our world and really should be considered a leading man in all of your eyes.

Characters are prolonged; they do not surrender until the job is completed. Betisier, a mother of three, is a hero. " Through no fault of her personal, ” (SB 48). Choix was questioned with the responsibility of cancer, but she nonetheless managed to always be there for family. She continued to be encouraging, even while sick. All of Ana's children validate this. Rebekah, Ana's little girl, described her as a " giant guardian angel over a roaring audience. ”(SB 49). " Though...