The London Experience

 The Birmingham Experience Essay

That one week of new experience was totally pleasant for all of us. Related to the time put in there, it was too short for people because we enjoy it an excessive amount of. There we see how many people coming from all nationalities live their lifestyle in a different way even as did. In the early morning all of them go to their jobs and what's a bit uncommon for all of us is that the majority of them travel and leisure by pipe (as that they call the underground) or perhaps double-decker (their red buss). Other fresh thing and a little bit unusual for us, but not unknown, was that there every one of the people retain their proper while in Romania we all keep the remaining. To see just how carefully they are really, at all passes across we noticed written " Look left” or " Look right” which averted us to have accident as a result of our habit.

After one day whenever we saw, as much as we can, the way the life in London is we go for the 1st three several hours of the study course attended there. For the teacher, named Dolores Ditner was a truly pleasure to spread out us his door of his residence after we received her in Romania to teach all of us the first part of the training course months back. Hours put in with Dolores were great, but some hours which all of us spent with her youthful daughter called Tessa was much more fantastic. We enjoy these people a lot. Simply how much we want to repeat these people. I remember just how emotive were we once Tessa pleased us to present and claim some things about us including family and life. Whether or not we anticipate not to do homework in that period of time, Dolores give to us some easy work like informing from museums regarding different styles which there were discussed about after informing. The last working day of training was the most beautiful because all of us go to a particular club even as we can call it in this way in which the activity of the club members was manage in the relatives. After we all present a story wrote by us which needed to contain a character made the day before, we received our best wishes and of course each of our certificate of attending this system.

So what do you think was the most interesting and amazing for us? Shopping, of...