The Block: Review

 The Block: Review Article

The Block, a bit by Victor Villanueva, includes a story of big meaning. I found that the battle for learning the piece was incredibly tough. The story was very difficult to adhere to due to the clutter of phrases and context. I found that reading the storyline was comparable to playing a game, the first few pages were easy to read, but the further in to the story I managed to get, the harder it was to know.

After researching the story several times I was finally able to understand the meaning lurking behind Villanueva's circumstance. I found that Villanueva was telling the story of his life as well as the sacrifices that he made in order to be who he is today. This kind of made the storyplot interesting because it was based upon his your life. I as well liked just how Villanueva employed a bit of casual comedy in the piece to make it more enjoyable and not since serious. I think that he used this to show that his earlier lifestyle wasn't as crucial to him because his way of living today.

In every book, you will encounteer going to end up being flaws. In this particular piece I found that Villanueva's " street talk" made it hard to understand, just like " Bed-Stuy. " Furthermore to Villanueva's poor British, his series of situations in the account made it really hard to follow. He would jump from talking about 1 event inside the story, such as school lifestyle, to anything totally different, including boxing. The two poor English and getting to different events often took place simultaneously toward the ending of the storyline, which made it nearly impossible to read. Toward the back half the book, We would often browse a portion in the story and wonder the things i just read. I would examine one passage of the history and think that I had an excellent grasp of what was going on in the history, and then move on and read the next section, and be still left clueless upon what he was trying to discuss, because the two topics didn't have any kind of real significance.

Villanueva's information of his childhood years, along with the poor English, built the piece great. Once i read the...