Two amazing places

 Two fantastic places Composition

Two fantastic places

I possess lived in many beautiful areas in my life time. Among them La, California and Tampa, Fl are my own favor cities to live in. I like the exotic feeling My spouse and i get after i am in Tampa; for same time, I really take advantage of the comfort capability Los Angeles provides for me. Even though Los Angeles and Tampa are coastal towns, they are more different than many people think. Polk, Florida is a wonderful city. It usually is sunny and warm, also in the winter. However , the summer in Tampa can be extremely hot sometimes. I think winter months is more desired for most people. I really could wear just a T-shirt and shorts in the cold weather most of the time while i was moving into Tampa. Even though the summer could be hot, the weather in Tampa is amazing. Also, the traffic in Tampa is definitely well governed. There is almost no traffic jams other than during rush several hours in downtown, Tampa. I had been never late for anything because of traffic when I resided there. Moreover, Tampa is a beautiful city with a large amount of trees and wild animals. My loved ones and I utilized to walk around after dinner to take pleasure from all the produce and all the beautiful animals. The view and environment are unforgettable everywhere in Tampa. Overall, Tampa is a picture perfect place to live and i also loved just about every second of my short stay there. Los Angeles, A bunch of states is a town where I find myself most comfortable. The next thunderstorm is perfect for people live in. Even though it is usually warm around midday during the summer time, the temperature would cool-down at night. Most of times I do not even have to use fan during the night. However , the targeted traffic is very awful in Los Angeles, especially during morning and afternoon rush hours. Once I remaining school to satisfy up my local freinds for dinner. The traffic was so bad that we was late for over two hours. The traffic in Los Angeles jogs my memory of my personal hometown in China. Strangely, I feel extremely comfortable once i am caught up in visitors. Like various places in China, La has a many populations. There...