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The company was founded by William Morrison in 1899 who started the business as an egg and rechausser merchant in Rawson Marketplace, Bradford, Britain, operating under the name of Wm Morrison Limited. His kid Ken Morrison took over the organization in 1952 aged 21 years old. In 1958 it exposed a small store in the metropolis Centre. It was the 1st self-service store in Bradford and the 1st store to acquire prices in its products, and it had 3 checkouts. The organization opened their first supermarket, " Victoria", in the Girlington district of Bradford in 1961.

The term " Oxfam” comes from the Oxford Panel for Famine Relief, founded in Great britain in 1942.  The group campaigned for food supplies to be delivered through an allied naval blockade to famished women and kids in enemy-occupied Greece throughout the Second World War. In 1995, Oxfam international was found with a group of self-employed non-governmental businesses. Their target was to work together for greater impact on the international level to reduce low income and injustice. Type of business

Morrison is known as a national general public limited company in the UK. This can be a tertiary organization sectors offering goods. Oxfam is a charitable organization company. A Charity is a foundation developed to promote the general public good. It doesn't keep earnings, but to grow. It relies upon money offered from the community voluntarily, it is a non-profit business. A charitable organization is all about fund-collecting and supplying to causes, it is a kind of business as it does produce profit, which can be given to charity causes. Title of the organization

In a community limited organization, owners sell the share to public. It means the organization is owned its users. It is accessible to all individuals. They will obtain commission in forms of gross. Any investors can tell their particular opinion to the company. The organization will listen closely and action their responses. They will get their vote for determining decision in meeting in conference. Oxfam is an international association of 14 companies,...