Unilever Marketing Skill

 Unilever Marketing Skill Exploration Paper



(2nd version)

Issued: November 2000


This Appendix replaces the original Specialist Skills Book - Promoting Appendix released by Unilever in 1996.

A summary of the newest Marketing Specialist Skill Areas is offered on the pursuing page, including definitions and a list of Skill Sub Areas.

Subsequent webpages of the Appendix provide greater detail on each Skill Area. Each page can be headed together with the Skill Area and its description. The Skill Sub Areas are after that listed together with a more detailed breakdown of the actions involved in every case.

Skill profiles intended for key promoting roles and a methods guide to assist in skill development are also available in separate documents.

For the people heavily associated with consumer understanding/market research, there are further skill descriptions found in a separate Market Research Professional Skills Addendum. Promoting Professional Abilities Areas

Consumer Insight

Using and interpreting consumer analysis to assume and determine the encouraging factors driving consumers' brand choice and usage behavior. Generating and applying consumer insight drive an automobile competitive benefit and business growth. |Building holistic comprehension of consumers |Synthesising and sharing consumer learning | |Planning market research |Generating inspiring buyer insights | |Interpreting market research |Anticipating current and foreseeable future consumer possibilities

Online strategy Development

Applying consumer understanding and competition analysis to anticipate market growth possibilities and to decide the markets, programs and segments to operate in. Challenging its condition with company strategies that beat rivals and deliver outstanding numbers of profitable growth. |Analysing marketplace trends and growth drivers |Constructing brand portfolio approaches | |Creating a eyesight of market and route potential |Building required advertising capabilities | |Anticipating competitor actions |Providing input in to the business planning process

Brand Collateral Management

Building a brand so it becomes and remains the most well-liked choice of buyers. Using the BrandKey to map current and future positioning objectives in a way that guides the brand's mix development, increasing its consumer appeal, competitive distinctiveness and growth potential. Demonstrating enthusiasm for and commitment for the brand, equally inside and outside the company. |Defining the Key Placing |Aligning company business ideas with the BrandKey | |Developing the Key Perspective |Strengthening the rand name mix | |Formulating Crucial Extensions |Assessing brand overall health

Conversation Channel Managing

Planning and implementing a built-in programme of brand name communication, which uses almost all available programs to communicate the brand's messages to targeted buyers in the the majority of cost effective method. |Investigating connection channel possibilities |Implementing integrated communication advertisments | |Defining communication duties, targets and budgets |Evaluating campaign price efficiency and effectiveness | |Developing creative Communication Strategies |...