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Introduction is actually a webpage of Faculty of Anatomist and Research UTAR. This webpage was created for Faculty of anatomist and Scientific research student, which mean entire KL campus student to work with it. Pupil can watch their timetable, course details, final season project facts, career data and etc. Though this website was created to have so many useful function but this site is rarely used and known by simply KL grounds student. There are numerous of prevalent causes intended for failure with this website. Listed here is a look at possible things that causing this website failure. 1 ) Infrequent bring up to date

One of the keys to successful websites is duplicate visitors, and one of the keys to attracting duplicate visitors is to continually tasks content. When a website stays on the same intended for long periods of time, what makes visitors wish to keep coming back?

2 . Poor Design

This site has a poor presence with their color using. Most visitors can base their very own first impression of the site in least somewhat on looks and appearance.

3. Messy Routing

This site is messy in navigation menu. If tourists are unable to circumvent your site conveniently, they probably will simply keep. Each page on your internet site should evidently show site visitors that they are on your website. Ensure every web page links back in your home web pages as well. And we are using CMS to upgrade this website.

Content management system is application that keeps program every article on your website; much the local open public library keeps track of books and stores them. Content may be simple text, photos, music, video, files, or just regarding anything you can easily think of. A serious advantage of by using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or expertise to manage. Considering that the CMS handles all your articles, you don't have to. Joomla! is a content management system helping the two novice users and expert developers to develop powerful websites and applications. Over six, 000 free of charge and commercialВ extensionsВ are available from the official Joomla! Extension Directory site and more can be obtained from other resources. В It can be estimated as the second many usedВ CMSВ on the net afterВ WordPress. Joomla cms is designed to be easy to install and set up even if you aren't an advanced customer. Many World wide web hosting companies offer a single-click install, getting your new web page up and running in just a few minutes. As Joomla is really easy to use, as being a Web designer or perhaps developer, you can quickly build sites for your clientele. Then, with a minimal sum of training, you can encourage your clientele to easily deal with their own sites themselves.

Necessity collection

User identification: College student of UTAR

Functional need:

1) College student can examine the news of UTAR.

2) Student can check their final season project.

3) Student can easily check all their course details.

4) College student can check their study course timetable.

5) Student can check profession information.

6) Student may check professional training facts.

7) College student can find UTAR staff.

8) Student can easily check position of UTAR.

Data necessity:

1) Timetable

2) News

3) Final season project info

4) Program info

5) Career details

6) Commercial training info

7) UTAR Staff facts

8) Position of UTAR

Device-specific need:

1) Laptop

2) Mobile phone

3) Tablet

Non-functional necessity:

Usability: This webpage must be easy to use and straightforward to understand. Performance: The webpage must be response quickly.

Maintainability: The site must have the simplicity adapting the web application to changed or perhaps new requirements. INTERACTION MODEL

Use circumstance


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