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Alisa Schaeffer

Differentiating Between Industry Structures

January 13, 2015


Jerr Foster

Differentiating Between Marketplace Structures

There are some standards that apply to every single organization. These kinds of standards consist of their kind of market structure, type of competitive strategies, pros and cons, consumer basic etc . The performance of an organization considerably depends upon these factors. A business can come up with its approach depending upon the strengths and weakness from the organization along with its marketplace structure. Industry structure can change depending upon the competition and market conditions this is why an organization must be ready to transform itself appropriately. Competitive strategies are created after studying market, competitors, and buyers. The organization reviewed in this daily news is Kudler Fine Foods in whose market structure, competitive approaches will be reviewed in particulars along with other industry dynamics and recommendations. Marketplace Structure

You will find four types of market structures that may be applied to a company. These industry structures are perfect competition, monopoly, monopolistic, and oligopoly. As far as excellent competition is concerned it described a situation where there are many buyers and sellers, and many other competitors which in turn produce similar products. This mean there are plenty of substitutes and less barriers intended for the entry of new competition. The prices of goods and companies in perfect competition are determined by the laws of demand and supply only with competitors having no role in choosing the price of the product or support. As far as monopoly is concerned, this features a solitary organization judgment the market thus controlling the cost and supply. Monopoly also has large barriers towards the entry of recent competitor (Baker, 2001). In monopolistic market, there are many vendors but non-e of their goods are replacement for one another. Consequently, each seller controls the industry. In oligopoly only a few selected large companies make up the complete market, and hence control the pricing (Business Dictionary, 2014). Oligopoly even offers large barriers to the entry of new rival. Every firm relates to one among more of these kinds of type of marketplace structures. In terms of Kudler Gourmet is concerned it belongs to perfect competition industry. The market composition of Kudler Fine Foods could be explained by the fact that there are various fine foodstuff online retailers which offer fine food and wine beverages, and hence there are numerous substitutes. Having many substitutes will also imply that Kudler cannot manipulate selling price at will since consumer will have many rivals as a substitute. Buyers can usually go online for shopping rather than using Kudler. Hence, any business can go on the web and open the store with ease which means you will find fewer barriers to admittance. There are also many buyers who have a lot of different firms to choose from including Kudler Gourmet. When it comes to the physical globe, there are few stores along with Kudler Fine Foods that provide gourmet things along with wines. But when it comes to business Kudler comes forth on top with a long difference which recommend Kudler includes a kind of monopoly market when it comes to grocery stores inside the physical community. When it comes to on the web market in fine food market then Kudler has ideal competition when it comes to physical world then Kudler Gourmet has a monopoly over the market. The positive feature for Kudler is there are no available alternatives or alternatives to choose from for consumers. Therefore, Kudler can control the amount paid to suit it is requirements. There is a negative side to it too since customers can feel that company is usually unfairly increasing its rates which indicate company can lose their database in the event any fresh competitor happens in the market. One other positive feature is the fact that company can improve it is stores and create its reputation among the consumers which will make...

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