Zenescope Submission Contract

 Zenescope Submitter Agreement Dissertation

Mail submissions using a signed duplicate of this contract to:

Zenescope Entertainment 433 Caredean Drive Suite C Horsham, PENNSYLVANIA 19044

Syndication Agreement

I actually am submitting to you the next materials (here after called " the Material”):

(list title and description here) In accordance with the next agreement: 1 . 2 . 3. 4. We represent and warrant to you, Zenescope Entertainment, your successors and designates that the Material is my own original creation and that zero other persons other than individuals who have signed and submitted a duplicate of this agreement have worked with with me in creating and developing the fabric. Zenescope Entertainment's consideration in the Material and any discussions between all of us regarding the Materials shall not become deemed an admission with the novelty or perhaps originality from the Material. Zenescope Entertainment might retain a duplicate of the Material and I release Zenescope Entertainment and it's officials from any liability pertaining to loss or damage thereto. I hereby grant Zenescope Entertainment the justification to use the Material provided that Zenescope Entertainment shall first determine an agreement beside me for this sort of use or perhaps Zenescope Entertainment shall decide that an self-employed legal right exists to use the fabric or any portion thereof that is not derived from myself either for the reason that Material can be not new, novel, or original or has not been decreased to cement form or because other persons (which may include employees of Zenescope Entertainment and also other persons offering materials to Zenescope Entertainment) have published similar or identical ideas, features and material that you've the right to work with. This Contract shall be interpreted solely below Pennsylvania hypostatic law (except where the Superiority Clause in the Constitution states requires national law to apply). The parties included have picked the hypostatic law to apply, no different choice of regulation (including Pennsylvania's) applies. Any kind of dispute should be settled inside the...